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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shoshanna's Kitchen - Episode 83 - Earth Paint

Just watched this video and I knew that I had to share this with everyone. Shoshanna  from the Bulk Herb Store has made a video showing you how easy it is to make paints for the kids out of herbs. So many colors to make too. Red, yellow, green, black, and more. All made from food so you know they are safe and non-toxic. And it is something the kids can help you with.


- SallyAnn Bruce

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  1. Hi, SallyAnn,
    I am watching your video as i type to you! What fun this looks like for both adults and children. Shoshanna is very talented and a great mama! Thank you for blessing us with these videos on your blog. I pray you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the risen Lord! Have a fabulous week, dear friend :)