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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Having Fun With Pinterest

Hi Everyone,

I am sure you all have heard of Pinterest, but if not you can check it out   And here is the link to my Pinterest site.

CindyKay and I are addicted. Yes I should warn you, it is addicting.  And when I was checking out some  pin boards of other pinners I came across this one,,  Isn't that the cutest dress? Which got me thinking about layering dresses to create outfits.  Which led me to search for layering clothes on Pinterest. Which leads to a whole boat load of ideas.  See what I mean by it becoming addicting???

Anyway, I happened to be visiting my sister the next day with an outfit of my own that I put together, cause I knew that Cin would love it, and she did!  So up to her closet we went and for the next hour I helped her put some outfits together and she tried every one of them on. It was sooooo much fun.  Her is a picture of just one of them.
She is wearing a long floral print skirt and a pink tshirt with roses on the front which match the flowers on the skirt, and a rose colored sundress over the top. It looks so cute together. We put about 4 outfits together in all.  See what I mean by having fun with Pinterest?  Try it yourself and share with the rest of us. We would love to see what you come up with.

- SallyAnn Bruce

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