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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Here is Pillsbury. He is 4 years old, we think. He walked into our lives two summers ago and as cats do, he took over. That is, when our mini long-haired dachsund doesn't harass him.  The dachsund weighs 6 pounds and Mr. Pillsbury here weighs in at 12 pounds. He isn't particularly fond of the small black fur ball dog.  But even though he doesn't get along well with the hot dog, we love him.

- SallyAnn Bruce


  1. He's a real cutie! I've enjoyed looking at the pictures on your blog. Very nice! I'll follow you and would like to invite you to visit me at my blog.

    1. Thank you for your nice words Connie. I checked your blog out and am now following you. I am very happy to know that you are enjoying my pictures. I will be putting new ones up from our stop at the park soon.

  2. My girls are allergic -so no more cats for me.

    I grew up with Casper, Cat, Casey & Felix! Pillsbury is a rockstar and he deserves to rule the roost over that little dog!

    Happy to follow.

  3. Hi Kelly
    Sorry that your girls are allergic to cats. My mom is too. We had cats when we were growing up but only outdoor ones. We lived in the country so they had lots of room to roam. I love the names you had for your cats growing up.
    Pillsbury and that little dog have a love/hate relationship. They love to hate each other. :)
    I'll be following you also.
    Have a great day.

  4. Dear Sally Ann

    Thanks for visiting Create With Joy and sharing your beautiful story about your Mother at Friendship Friday! This week we're sharing Childhood Memories and I hope you'll join us for that theme as well! Your cat is beautiful - I'm also a cat person - I host Wordless Wednesday as well and invite you to share your photos with all of the animal lovers in my community!

    Have a wonderful weekend & I look forward to getting to know you! :-)

    Create With Joy

  5. Thanks for the comment Joy. I'm glad you enjoyed my picture of Pillsbury. I love the pictures of your kitty. He is so handsome and looks like a lion with his mane in the one picture.

    I would love to check out Wordless Wednesday and do some sharing.

    I look forward to getting to know you too.