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Friday, May 11, 2012

Geese at the Park

After a very  stressful day yesterday my family and I decided to get some take-out and visit our local park. It wasn't the best weather for walking or picnicking so we sat in the van while we ate. Our mini long-haired dachsund came with us because she wanted to go for a ride. Her name is Sassy. Let me just say she is aptly named.
Anyway, getting back to the park, we enjoyed watching the geese families as they wandered and ate. We saw at least 4 families. The picture above, and those below, were taken with my cell phone camera through the windshield of the van so they aren't the best quality, but if you click on them and enlarge them  you should be able to see the babies with Mom and Dad.
When we first got to the park all the geese were on the other side of the channel but while we sat eating they all got in the water and swam over to our side so that I could take their picture. Very nice of them don't you think?
Here they are swimming on over to us. Well, towards us anyway. (Sorry about the dirty windshield)
We saw 4 families and two had 5 babies and the other two had 6 babies.
Even Sassy enjoyed watching them.
Then my husband opened his window to throw out some bread left over from my sandwich and the geese, who he was throwing it to, left and these guys moved in. I should have gotten a picture of them while they were in the air near my husbands side of the van but I wasn't quick enough.
It was very relaxing to be at the park with my family eating and watching the birds on the lake. I would recommend that to anyone who needs to relieve stress.

Have a great day,

- SallyAnn Bruce


  1. I'm laughing at the pic of Sassy - looks like a person!!


  2. Your right Kelly she does. She was very interested in those geese and I am surprised that she didn't bark at them. She was behaving herself.