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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Wonderful Day For A Hike

Here we are just getting started on our hike on land that our friends own. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and they invited us to go hiking with them. so we jumped at the chance. There were 10 of us all together, John, Michelle, Rita, Cindy, Tom, Nick, Bill, Rob, Ryan, and myself. We started out at the top of a ravine and headed down a steep incline to the creek. After crossing the creek we started up the other side to level ground where we came to a little road. We crossed that path and headed................


The land is on a hill. So up we went towards the top. It is beautiful land full of trees and a creek running through it that leads to a reservoir.        Hey, that tree has arms. No wait, that is my brother-in-law behind the tree. Sorry Tom.
We climbed pretty high and had some beautiful views of the creek and waterfalls.

I tried to zoom in as much as I could to get a good shot of the creek below. I hope you can see it clearly. We were so high above it my cameras zoom lens couldn't reach it.

My sisters' grandson had a sock problem that was causing his shoe to rub his ankle bone. His sock was too short.  So Grandma took her socks off and switched with him. 

Grandpa helped too.
and ready to set off again.


More views looking way down at the creek. How beautiful the day was. It was so near the city but you would have thought you were in the mountains somewhere. It was so peaceful.

This was a little ditch we crossed at the top that flowed to the edge of the cliff and just dropped down to the creek below. Just below the horizontal log is the edge of the cliff where the water fell.  Hope you can make it out.
The owner and her daughter.
My husband and youngest son looking out over the edge at the water below. 
My sister and her grandson.

We finally made it to the top and headed back down after crossing the creek and following it down the other side. The owner and her husband gave my sister's grandson a lesson on how to find your way out of the woods if you get lost by following the water downstream. He was really enjoying himself. He even found a treasure to take home. A spent shotgun shell. 

We finally made it to the reservoir and it was time to skim stones. Skimming stones is one of the things my husband and youngest son love to do at the waters edge. Any time we are at the water you will find them hunting for the right shaped stone to start skimming. The stone should be fairly flat, although my husband has been known to skim a round one a time or two. 

More Skimming.

And even more skimming. It is hard to stop once you get started.

But not everyone got into the whole skimming stones thing.

Well it finally got time to head back so we had to cross the creek one last time to head up the other side to where our cars were parked. 
My sister was way ahead of us and walked slowly to the top first. My youngest son decided to just get it done and ran all the way up. He needed water when he could finally catch his breath at the top.
My husband

And the rest of us. 

What a great day it was. We had so much fun and wonderful exercise to boot.. We even picked wild flowers to press as a keepsake to remember the excursion by. Wish I had of taken pictures of them too.  Oh well. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of our walk as much as I had taking them.
Till next time. Have a good one.


- SallyAnn Bruce

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