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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Beautiful Mother's Day

It didn't start out as a fun day but it sure ended that way. My poor aunt had to be taken to the emergency room and finally admitted but she is doing ok now. After we made sure she was settled and feeling better it was late afternoon so we had to tweak our plans just a bit, but that was not a problem.

We picked up our oldest son at work, drove home to pick up our youngest and the picnic supplies, and we were off.

We drove to a park not far from where we live that is situated on top of a mountain overlooking the cities below. When we got there we only saw two or three other cars and only 4 other people. It was nice and quiet.
I took this picture looking through the opening of a pavilion. You can see two different bridges in the distance.

My husband and youngest son threw the football back and forth. That is our picnic table with the ice chest on it. We had finished eating by the time I got around to taking pictures.

My oldest just strolling around.

Some kids had been busy with their sidewalk chalk earlier. I thought it was pretty cute.

Then we went for a walk on the path that surrounds the park and I snapped these photos of some forget-me-nots, and violets. They were growing all along the path in the shade of the trees. So pretty.

It was a wonderful time spent with my family on Mother's Day. I hope you all had a great day too.


- SallyAnn Bruce


  1. hope you aunt is better by now!!
    Your outdoor Mothers day looks just perfect!!
    i am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.
    beautiful flowers...

  2. Hi Annmarie,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. And thanks for following. I checked out your blog too and started following you. I read some of your stories. Loved your Mother's Day story by your son. What a precious gift.
    Have a great day,