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Monday, May 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is the first time I have participated with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I thought it sounded like fun so I will give it a try. Hope you enjoy my photos.
                                                                    Beneath Your Feet
My family and I took a walk yesterday at a park that is close to where we live but one we had not heard of before now. It was a beautiful day and we had a great hike. This little guy jumped right in front of me and was almost beneath my feet if I hadn't seen him in time.
                                                                  Capturing Movement
I know it's blurry but I had to include this picture for this category. My son decided to jump across the creek as we were hiking.

This robins nest we have on our back patio fits that category nicely I think. It has 4 baby robins in it now.

                                                                   Face Your Fears
This guy used to have a fear of heights believe it or not.

This category was challenging for me. So after giving it some thought I decided that currently my flower bed was quite full and beautiful so I thought I would share it.

- SallyAnn Bruce


  1. Awww what a sweet bird's nest - I love finding those.

  2. Isn't scavenger hunting fun?! Love your photos! What beautiful flowers in your flower bed!

  3. Great shots! And yay for your guy conquering his fear of heights. Hope you enjoyed the hunt and will be back next week.

  4. I LOVE your pictures! Your son leaping across the creek is fantastic, you caught the movement beautifully! I didn't think of the currently catergory as you did, I like that you chose some you liked "currently", awesome view! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. I haven't been to that part of NY since I was a teen. So pretty upstate! Pretty shots of your walk. Visiting from

  6. That park looks like a beautiful place - and great shot for Capturing Movement!

  7. Thanks ladies for you wonderful comments.