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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Healthy Eating

Hi Everyone, 
I just wanted to post here and let you know about the GNOWFGLINS website.  You can find the link to it at the top.  It is a fantastic website to learn how to cook from scratch and do it in a way that is very easy and healthy.  Just go to the site and check it out. I suggest you start with the Fundamentals eCourse. Click on the link for the Fundamentals eCourse and then the Getting Started link and you will be able to read all about the eCourse and how it can help you to cook healthier.

I took this Course and learned alot.  It was also easier to do then I thought it would be, and fun.  You do it at your own pace so you can zip through it if you want to, or take it nice and slow, it is up to you.  So go check it out. I believe you will be glad you did.

Happy cooking,

- SallyAnn Bruce

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