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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shoveling and Snow Blowing

We had quite a snow storm here in the Northeast last week. It looks so pretty coming down, then the reality of having to deal with it sets in and though it is still pretty you really wish there wasn't so much pretty. So we got all dressed warmly and grabbed the shovels,
And gassed up the snow blower, and started moving the 12 inches of pretty off the vehicles and out of the driveway.
And you know how the snowplow likes to fill in the very end of the driveway with that heavy wet packed snow from the road? Well my son tackled that with our little snow blower that I bought at a yard sale 2 summers ago for $10. What a job he did with it too.
And sometimes the snow that collects in between the two vehicles may be the hardest to remove. You have to scoop, walk over to the other side, and throw the shovel full on to the pile.
What a complainer! Sorry about that. I really am very grateful that we are blessed to have so many strong arms to shovel and snow blow, and what a blessing to have that little snowblower too. And now that I think about it, all this snow is going to be beneficial this Spring when we start our gardens. So I will stop my complaining and wish you all an awesome day. P.S. As I was typing this it is snowing and the snowplow went by and filled in the end of our driveway again. :o)

- SallyAnn Bruce


  1. wow! You have had a ton of snow, too :) Maybe now we are a bit closer to spring and crocus!

  2. I think you are correct Jacqueline, because I saw FIVE robins yesterday on my way home from work. WooHoo!
    Spring is on it's way.