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Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Decorations

Here is the Autumn wreath that hangs on my back door. I put it together with an Autumn leaf swag, some nuts and pine cones, a mini gourd, and hung a little birdhouse in the center.

This basket sits on an old milk can to the right of the back door. It is an old birdhouse sitting in a pile of cinnamon scented pine cones with an Autumn leaf swag curled around it.

And my front door had this wreath on it at first. I only had a few leaf sprigs to work with and this sorry looking thing was all I could come up with. But then my mom gave me this huge Autumn basket full of Autumn flowers and leaves that was way to big for my taste,  so I took it apart and used some of it to turn this  into .............
This!   I think this one looks a lot better. I was even given some small Indian corn that I hung with a ribbon in the center of the wreath.

Happy Autumn!!!

- SallyAnn Bruce


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